Château de Castelnaud gets a makeover

16 octobre 2017

Château de Castelnaud is just 5 kilometres from Les Milandes. This medieval fortress is in the beautiful village of Castelnaud-la-Chapelle which overlooks the Dordogne River.

Château de Castelnaud appears to emerge from the rock at the top of the hill. It was founded in the 12th century and was fought over by the English and French for many years. Indeed, during the Hundred Years’ War the English occupied Château de Castelnaud while the French dug in at the Château de Beynac close by.

The appeal of Château de Castelnaud

There are many sights and activities at the château which will appeal to visitors of all ages. Among these is the Museum of Medieval Weapons. This was added in the mid 1980s and features some incredible armour and weaponry. Who isn’t impressed by an organ that could spray lead balls from its multiple barrels?!

Following the addition of the museum and a couple of other major restoration projects, the builders have once again descended on Château de Castelnaud. A 6 month project is now underway to safeguard a section of stone tiled roof. A task which is not as easy as it sounds. Due to the location of the château, a helicopter will need to lift in all the materials. A 40 ton, 30 metre high, scaffolding construction will also need to be erected. This will flank the cliff side. Workers should have an incredible view!

If you are in the area and fancy visiting Château de Castelnaud, it will remain open during these works.