Chateau des of Dordogne's great attractions

12 octobre 2016

Les Milandes is ideally situated to enjoy the many great Dordogne attractions. Our neighbour, Chateau des Milandes, is the former home of Josephine Baker, one of France’s most interesting citizens.

Chateau des Milandes – just one of the great Dordogne attractions

During the heady days of summer in the Dordogne, the re-designed gardens of the Chateau des Milandes, offer a tranquil and calm oasis a short walk from the French country cottages and luxury house at Les Milandes. The chateau was constructed in 1489 and has a fascinating history. It was later purchased by the enigmatic American born cabaret singer, Josephine Baker. The chateau itself is a testament to Josephine, vibrantly bringing her to life through a procession of beautiful costumes and exhibits, Art Deco bathrooms, pictures and artefacts.

The gardens comprise a formal parterre dotted with splashes of red begonias before the gently sloping topography accommodates the ‘Jardin des Cascatelles’ providing a stunning vista in shades of greens, greys and pinks. Linear trickling cascades interspersed with blooms of scented pink roses lead to a pool of shimmering water with the appearance of glass; its reflective qualities mirroring the vivid roses forming its surroundings.

Dordogne attractions

The ornate and elegant gardens are bordered by mature trees which allows one to enjoy the respite of shade and where your journey will lead you to a wooden fairy tale castle, ideal for little princes and princesses to play in, as well as aviaries which feature a cacophony of exotic birds including cockatiels, love birds and parrots in a riot of colour and sound. Those who prefer the majesty of birds of prey will no doubt be impressed by the selection of owls and other birds which reside at the Dordogne chateau, some of which earn their keep by delighting visitors as part of the birds of prey demonstrations which run at various times of the day/year.

Dordogne attractions

If you are seeking Dordogne attractions suitable for families, then Chateau des Milandes should certainly be on your itinerary.

Chateau des Milandes also offers a brasserie for a coffee or a long, lazy lunch after your adventures at one of the great Dordogne attractions.

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