Decanter Magazine praises Bergerac Wine

27 November 2013

Following my previous blog extolling the virtues of Bergerac wine, I was delighted to read that Decanter Magazine praises Bergerac Wine and gives a profile of the area in the December issue of Decanter by Stephen Brook.

Well worth a read, he is very honest about its good points as well as its downsides. His introduction reads:

“The region is familiar to many holidaymakers, but its wines are often all but forgotten, thanks to a host of confusing names…. not to mention its proximity to Bordeaux. But persevere and you’ll find some of the best value wine in France.” He acknowledges that it is not the easiest area to understand but goes on to shed light on the different areas of production and varieties as well as listing some of the leading players of the area. Half of the grapes are sold to cooperatives which do not always focus on quality partly as they have a captive market through the number of tourists that pass through the area.

Having said that, most of the local restaurants all stock a good selection of local wines and will point you in the right direction if asked. I listed some of the better producers in my previous blog and before next season I will make a more comprehensive list and possibly include some neighbouring areas such as Cahors.
It is very easy to find really good fresh, fruity whites at juicy prices and reds range from light, gutsy easy drinking to more serious Bordeaux contenders. and Stephen Brook recognizes this when he says “”But if there’s a first appellation among equals, it’s surely Pecharmant, east of Bergerac.”

You will drive through the Pecharmant area when you drive to Milandes from Bergerac Airport and it’s a good opportunity to pick up some excellent wine from the vineyards to enjoy during your stay. Otherwise, there is an excellent wine shop in Sarlat called Julien de Savignac where you can get good advice and see a broad range of wines both from Bergerac and further afield.