Dordogne holidays & the allure of France

27 April 2015

Dordogne holidays & the allure of France.

Holidays. It’s often the thought of them that keeps us going. Now, Dordogne holidays will always rank right up there for me, (but I’m bound to be biased) so it’s good to know that I’m not alone in my love for France.

According to the World Tourism Organisation, when it comes to the number of tourist arrivals, (and the amount tourists spend in a country) France usually features near the very top of the table. In 2013, France attracted over 80 million international tourist arrivals; trumping Spain at a little over 60 million and Italy at under 50 million. (The relatively undiscovered Republic of Moldova received 96,000 visitors.)

I’ll concede that in terms of visitor numbers Parisian holidays are more popular than Dordogne holidays, but large cities (often housing major airports) will always have an advantage. Just take a look at this top 10 destinations list for UK travellers in 2014.

1 New York
2 Paris
3 Amsterdam
4 Dublin
5 Las Vegas
6 Barcelona
7 Rome
8 Dubai
9 Berlin
10 Istanbul

Dordogne holidays do the world a power of good!

How times have changed. In 1950 there were around 25 million international tourists. In 2013 this number exceeded 1 billion and it is estimated to rise to 1.8 billion in 2030!

Cheap and easily accessible air travel has changed our holiday habits enormously in the past 40 years. Until the arrival of the package holiday in the 1970s, short summer breaks in a caravan were the norm (or a stay in a British holiday camp, Hi de Hi…) Now the world seems a much smaller place.

For most of us, getting on a plane is commonplace. In 2013, 53% of visitors reached their destination by air. In the early ‘Noughties’, most international air travellers originated from America, the UK and Germany, but new powerhouse economies such as China are changing the dynamic. Attracting Chinese visitors is incredibly important for the health of a country’s economy. Indeed, statistics from the World Tourism Organisation bear this out. World tourism is responsible for 1 in 11 jobs, 6% of the world’s exports and 9% of the world’s Gross Domestic Product. Book a holiday in the Dordogne and you’re not just doing yourself a power of good!

Dordogne holidays; available to UK visitors by train, car or plane.

Dordogne holidays

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