France now offers excellent value

2 February 2015

France now offers excellent value due to the strength of the pound or weakness of the euro. A few years ago, the euro fell below 1.10 to the pound and whilst we didn’t stop investing on the properties, everything seemed very expensive. Not only that but eating out and the cost of food became prohibitive. So time to imbibe and enjoy the best of what France has to offer!

For our part, we always have things we want to do, and this year is no exception. The Salon and twin bedroom in Arc en Ciel will both be redecorated as will the landing in the Mairie and the TV room in the Manoir.The Mairie’s kitchen is due to have new worktops and tiles and Sandrine as always will be spending part of her winter rubbing down windows and applying more paint. We’re installing double doors between the kitchen and salon in the Manoir to create a more cosy area and going through the planning process to gain permission to create a more imposing new entrance from the road.

One of our exciting changes is that we’ve appointed a “paysagiste” to look after the gardens. Monsieur Hamelin and his team have already made significant progress and he assures us that he understands what an Englishman expects from his lawn! Time will tell, as I think our mole fraternity have other ideas and summer droughts are not conducive to healthy grass. However, maybe he has a point to prove and TLC is probably the best solution.

Why not come and visit? LES MILANDES is easy to get to and when here, you have some of the best food, some of the most beautiful villages in France and one of the most stunning rivers in Europe.