Further investment at Les Milandes

20 November 2018

Refurbishments at Les Milandes

While our four properties at Les Milandes are closed from November through to the beginning of May, this (unfortunately) doesn’t allow us to sit around with our feet up. During the winter months, we always make improvements. These are often based on guest feedback or sometimes out of necessity. (That old cliché about the never ending job of painting the Forth bridge springs to mind.)

Much of this work isn’t always easy to spot. (Getting some of the French utility companies out to remedy problems can be a little exasperating but that’s a story for another time…) However, the extensive works that we are planning over the coming weeks will be very visible.

As we have mentioned before, Les Milandes is a home away from home for us. We holiday here a great deal and love the peace and tranquillity of the Dordogne. We also never tire of the incredible local towns/food/wine etc. It’s important to us that our guests enjoy Les Milandes as much as we do.

Our latest refurbishment programme

We will be kicking things off in our two bedroom gite, L’Arc en Ciel. Here, the two bathrooms will be getting makeovers. (And we don’t just mean a coat or two of paint.) Both baths will be replaced and so will the showers and toilets. Outside, we will be resurfacing the steps between the Arc and Gardien.

While all that is all going on we will be decorating both twin bedrooms in L’Ancienne Mairie. The layout downstairs will also be reconfigured and we are investing in some new sofas. After prevaricating for some years, we are going to take the plunge and paint the staircase to give an overall lighter and more open feel.

Refurbishments at Les Milandes

The current downstairs at L’Ancienne Mairie

Over in Le Manoir (just the 6 bedrooms to keep spick and span here…) the master bedroom is going to have its fabric wall covering removed. While this has stood the test of time for many years, it is time for a change. The complete overhaul of this room will include a new 6 foot bed and new furniture.

You certainly need a car to get around the Dordogne, so we will be removing one of the trees to make it easier for cars to access our courtyard.

And that’s just the start as more works are planned. However, we are currently in the frustrating process of garnering quotes while keeping a beady eye on the exchange rate!

Rest assured, we will be ready to welcome our first guests of the 2019 season.